The rise of Resource Moon is here and it’s exciting.

Resource Moon, a creative marketplace for creatives and for those that want to build a fantastic project, offers the ability for people to browse through hundreds of presets and templates that will enhance their project in an instant.

Resource Moon vs Creative Market

Resource Moon has a tough fight against the size of Creative Market, however, due to the large size of Creative Market, Resource Moon has managed to create better niches and higher quality of products. This is more specifically clear in Adobe Lightroom Packs and Textures.

Resource Moon vs Etsy

Resource Moon itself is listed on Etsy, so competition isn’t really there for Etsy. However, more unique SVG files (vectors) are offered exclusively on the Resource Moon website for those that like to get crafty.

Resource Moon vs Envato

Whilst Envato offers things such as website templates, Resource Moon offers a phenomenal amount of fantastic graphics such as textures, filters, and layouts to get your design project underway.



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