Joining us for an interview is the fantastic Yoshi iamair.

Hi, how are you?

I’m alive and positive and living a life better than people who dislike me.

That’s good to hear. So, how did you get into music?

Honestly, I’ve always been into music ever since I was about 7. My dad used to play jazz all the time around me and Mom would play gospel. At first, I really didn’t want to do music because I saw that my brother’s life was messed up because of it but, there was more to it than that. I could say around 2016-2017 was when I truly decided not to turn back and actually pursue something in music which was a time when I was going through depression at one point from dropping out of college to Grandparents passing and much more. At this time, rapper by the name of Nefarious cloud saw I had potential at an open mic and asked if I wanted to join at the time. I had nothing to lose and knowledge to gain so I accepted his offer. At that point that’s what began to put me on that path I am now. I could say the time frame I truly became a artist would be around mid- late 2016 when I decided to change my name from “Jar’mar(Jamair) AiRider” to “Yoshi Iamair (I-am-air)” the name came from the fact of me wanting to bring good to those I cross paths with and my zodiac sign being a Aquarius and some other knowledge but that’s a short story for you haha.

How did ‘Vandalistic mindstate’ come about?

So Vandalistic mindstate came about from an idea that I had from an old name I used to go by which spanned into a 3-part EP two of which are on Spotify etc now. The project basically just came from me wanting to portray the image of finding art within chaos that people tend not to dwell in or try to think about.

What were the challenges of making ‘Vandalistic mindstate’?

I think the biggest challenge for this project was not a break up but what the break up did. I mean the positives of it was that it forced me to actually just create something with the negative energy I was feeling by making music that feels dark and hallow rather than letting it consume me, but for about 2 weeks I couldn’t eat and 2 months I wasn’t sleeping.Basically I was just wasting away hallow until my supervisor notice that I was losing weight. I guess the challenge came from trying to work what I was feeling out if me rather than just understanding my emotions. It’s funny because I know people might say this sounds weak but hey I’d rather be honest with myself and show people that it’s okay to express what you feel as long as you’re trying to find a fix for it or using it for good. But I’m okay now. *grins*

What are your plans for 2019?

Well, I’m creating clothing and finally upgraded my studio so be on the lookout for more content on YouTube and streaming services.