Joining us for an interview is the fantastic VINNY VIBE.

Hey Vinny, so what’s new with you?

Besides attending my own funeral (wedding) ? Nothing.

So, we know you’re a big travel DJ, but when/how did you get into music production?

“Big travel dj” is an incorrect term. I’m 5’5” small travel dj is much better fitting. I got into making music over the past couple of years because I found it fun and recently started taking it more seriously when I realized I can make a lot of money doing it :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you hook up with Lodato to make ‘DIRTY LITTLE SECRET’?

The dirty little secret is … me and lodato hooking up. And then we made the song.

We love cover songs and remakes but do you plan on any making Original Records?

Yes I do.

Can you tell us any of your plans for 2019?

I don’t know what I’m eating for lunch today, never mind what I’m doing next year… but im sure lots of cool stuff so stay tuned!