What are the differences between the 3 “levels” of ‘Conversion?’

Conversion is a triple album, and we are releasing it in three different sections. Level One was designed for people that dont really listen to metal. Its an introduction to metal for those that grew up on rap and pop or radio-friendly metal. There isnt anything on it thats too extreme and I kept the screaming to a minimum, which I think is what turns people off the most when it comes to this genre. I am looking to CONVERT, hence the album name. Level Two is full on metal, and Level Three is more cerebral. Overall, I would say Level One is the “fun” one, Level Two is the “mean” one and Level Three will be the “deep” one.

What does the name “Vessel Decimal” mean?

I always pictured a small ship on the horizon, with nothing but the ocean surrounding it. That little ship could be carrying valuable cargo that is life changing, or it could be seen as a speck of dust, like a decimal point.

How much work went into this triple album?

All of it. I always thought double albums were the coolest thing, but I wanted to take it further. If I were a carpenter and you showed me the largest, most beautiful building, I would be incredible inspired then begin working on a bigger and better one. I dont know of any triple albums out there, and the original plan was to have them be 9 songs each, but right away I saw it would have to be more than that. The songs werent enough; there had to be narrations, and transitions, and mantras, and the stories needed peaks and valleys and moments of intensity and moments of rest and reflection. It took about 3 years to write and record it all, and when 80% of the entire piece was finished, I released Level One officially. That way we werent rushed, most of the work left to be done was finishing touches and the mixing. But yes, its around 40 tracks in total, so it took alot of time and effort to make. As proud as I am of it all, I can confidently say I will not do a triple album again!

Are there any tours planned?

No, what we produce are songs on a cd or in mp3 format for people to collect and enjoy. We are not the type of people that should be touring and travelling around. We need to be in one spot, do what we do, and then go our separate ways. We have careers and families and lifestyles that we need to keep in place, and recording albums is how we choose to show this music to the world. I write the music and lyrics, and Im not looking to make money from this or gain fame, its really just about putting the art and the message out there; if someone picks it up and it means something to them, that’s the greatest gift I can receive.

What can we expect from Vessel Decimal in the future?

I have been planning out the next album for as long as it took to write and record this one, so there will definately be more music. I can predict the visual artwork going to the next level, and the music getting deeper, and stranger. I think eventually VD will become music that you have to make plans to listen to. You will have to set aside some time, get comfortable and get into a trance where you will connect with the music and go on a trip. I want it to play like a movie, yet feel interactive. I want it to drag you into a meditation. I want to build something in your mind youve never seen before.




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