Joining us for an interview is the fantastic Tre.

Hi, how are you?

Hey, yeah I’m great and you, thank you so much for this opportunity.

So, how did you get into music?

Well I have always loved music ever since I was a kid, and I started writing rap lyrics when I was in grade 7, wasn’t very good though haha. But when I reached my final year in school and it came time for now having to choose a career path, I was stumped haha but I always kept coming back to music, but I decided from that moment, that feeling of not knowing what I was gonna do with my life, that moment I felt I couldn’t fit in and it was that moment where I decided, MUSIC was all that I ever wanted abd so I took a leap of faith and I went with it haha.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I’m busy working on my 5th album called M.A.D, while juggling the management of my organization, TnT Corporation with its daily operations such as the newly built Radio Station, I had constructed in it’s foundation, but also I’ve got projects that I’m working on with artists who are under my organizations stable, such as Crispy T, that’s very diverse and helps me alot with the radio shows and does a lot of work for me on that. I’ve also got FDL who I have done multiple projects with, him and me got something new being developed for the M.A.D album. Precise aka MC-QD who’s m co-producer on all my projects I’ve released. Angie a brilliant singer and song writer, this girl completely blew my mind when I heard her voice, and I had to get her involved within TnT and help her grow her talent, and finally my newest member within the TnT stable, would be Rollie, he’s just released his newest single BHARI, under the TnT Distribution platform. But yeah I find it very difficult to make as much time within the studio as I want to to push to complete the album, M.A.D, with having to run all the other duties I have taken upon my shoulders, but I’m hoping that in mid 2019, I am hoping to release it.

What/Who influences you to make music?

My influences in music, would have to be Hopsin, Eminem and Mike Shinoda, hands down my biggest influences, as for the what influences me, that I would have to say, that moment I’m in the studio, and all the gear is lit up, computer is running, and there’s this zone of, iguess you could call clarity if you would, and you busy listening to a beat, and the entire studio feels like it’s standing still as the bass and kicks of the instruments just blast out of the speakers, it’s that feeling that I just feel motivates me, and influences me to just keep wanting to pursue music, no matter how difficult the challenges maybe within this industry. It’s that feeling that makes me simply lose track of time and I enjoy simply that moment every time I’m in the studio.

What are your plans for 2019?

Well besides from the release of my album, I’m hoping to grow TnT Corporation, my entertainment company, into a bigger corporation, I’ve already established, distribution, marketing, sales, sponsorship & endorsements, global branding within France, Europe and some parts of the United States. I’ve also established in house Media platforms such as constructing an online and FM transmitted radio station which people can tune into, and as well a magazine and online blogger database for the organization. So I’m really hoping to expand more for my company with regards to the telecommunications and technology fields within the company, if you have seen on my website ( you can see that we have been approached by a tech company who have helped us with us security clearances for our staff members, but a few unmentioned companies are also in the works to be announced to the public to be branding themselves with us. But I’m still working on a couple of those deals to go through this year, which will be a very big step to take for a music company, let alone someone within the music industry as an artist to take, the field of telecommunications and technology is still very unexplored territory for musicians, but only time can tell if it was a good idea, or I kick myself and say that I was way out of my depth on that haha.



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