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Interview: Rouleaux

Joining us for an interview is the fantastic Rouleaux.

Hi, how are you?

I’ve been doing well lately, thanks.

So, how did you get
into music?

Well, I took piano and guitar lessons as a kid and started
playing the sax around that time, too. I started producing music about six
years ago, but it wasn’t until I met my boyfriend/manager a few years back that
I began taking it seriously. I started making beats for some local rappers for
a while and eventually got introduced to some house music I really loved by my
boyfriend. After making a few solo demos, I decided to pursue something solo
and it slowly turned into what I’m doing now.

How did ‘Slut’ come

It wasn’t until a while after Samirah Raheem’s SlutWalk
interview went viral that I actually made the song itself. The taboo around sex
is something that affects all of our lives, particularly women, and Samirah’s
attitude really stuck with me.

The interview popped up on my timeline a while later while I
was working on a beat, so I just locked myself in our spare bedroom for like a
whole day and went with it.

What were the
challenges of making ‘Slut’?

The music equipment and software I used itself was probably
the biggest challenge. I don’t have half the stuff most other producers use and
I’m entirely self-taught through trial and error, so it takes some time to get
the sound I want. It can be ridiculously tedious, but it’s helped me develop my
own sound and I think it was worth all the extra work.

What are your plans
for 2019?

My first EP, “Euphoria,” is scheduled to release this
December. It’s four tracks long and is just about ready.

For 2019, I’ve got a second EP that should be coming around
February. I’m also working on putting together a live set so I can start
performing by the time I move back to Chicago!


Jack F. Williams


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