Joining us for an interview is the wonderfully-gifted Rob Sky.

Hi, how are you?

Doing great now that the album is out HAHA how about you!

I’m very good thank you! So, how did you get into music?

I was a musical theatre kid in middle school through college. So that’s where my love of singing comes from. My way of dealing with emotional experiences (good and bad) is just to write them down and get it out so its not bottled up inside anymore.

How did ‘What’s Left of Me’ come about?

I know everyone says this, but this really IS my most personal album to date. Every single song is about a specific moment in my life. I can listen and tell you what specific lines are referencing. It’s pretty wild. I find love songs boring. Breakups are so much more interesting to write about. So that’s where my writing generally goes.

What were the challenges of making ‘What’s Left of Me’?

Definitely allowing myself to revisit some darker moments in past relationships. You work so hard to get over the heartbreak and to revisit it for a song can be difficult. Especially with Wait For you and If I Say Yes.

What are your plans for 2019?

I’m already back in the studio working on some new material. Right now I’m leaning towards a covers album. Just taking my favorite songs and stripping them down to just me and a piano or a guitar.


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