Joining us for an interview is the wonderfully-gifted Reginald Lane.

Hi, how are you?

I’m Good.

So, how did your love for music come about?

My love for music came about through my pain and suffering I endured as a child I was bullied beaten abused and tormented by my teachers students in school every day sexually abused by a family friend abandoned by my father and my mom was left to take care for me and my oter three siblings for many years until my stepfather came into the picture my stepfather was in my life when I wa growing up not my real father he was too busy doing drugs on the streets and selling them to even know how to love me and I was having to raise my little sister as a young kid feeding her protecting her and cooking for her my childhood was taken for me because I had to grow up really quickly to be a brother and a father to my little sister on my fathers side through all the suffering I endured I found music and drawing and writing poetry as an outlet for my frustration and anger and sadness I was feeling growing up I felt alone being born prematurely was something I dealt with having a learning disability was something I hid from for many years I felt below normal I was ashamed of what I ha and who I was but being so sick as a child and barely surviving multiple times was a blessing to still be here and music became a healing and eventually a passion and I was later told I was given these talents for a purpose and I should be appreciative of them and use them to the best of my abilities.

Do you have any projects in the work at the moment?

I did have a recent project I just finished its a EP Titled Rj Ghetto Regulations which was released on February 22 2019 through an independent distribution company named Tunecore who released my Ep On Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Napster, Tida,l iHeart radio, YouTube, and many others still to be released on as of now I previously did an Album titled Rapper L VS Rasage Lost without A Cause which was released on September 28, 2018, two days before my 28th birthday its available on iTunes YouTube Iheartradio Amazon Napster Deezer and many many other major digital retailers.

What influences your music?

Old school sounds, Michael Jackson, and many other artists. Knowing that I will be a star and know I have potential to be something really great I know I have the star power as long as I believe I can do it I know I will be a star and a force to be welcomed with.

What are your plans for 2019?

In 2019 I hope to get a record deal making enough to give back to my mother who was there with me when no one else was there building a community for children and their families ones who have both.

International version

Standard edition of ghetto regulations

Special edition version

Instagram: Reginaldlane90


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