Joining us for an interview is the wonderfully gifted O-Starz.

Hi, how are you?

I’m fantastic, thank you.

So, how did you get into music?

My mom got me into music early. But seeing everybody scream and get excited watching Michael Jackson was the reason I wanted to do it(Laughs). I wanted to be like Kris Kross too when I was young. But I had a bunch of artists I admired.

What are your working on at the moment?

Doing session work, songwriting/ghostwriting. I’m working on a project of my own as well. The mission is bringing back Rock and Roll. Taking what’s mine.

How would you describe your style of music?

Rock/ metal but very soulful and bluesy. It’s like buying a 6 pack of fruit snacks and there’s 7 in there. Like scoring a touchdown IN the playoffs, on the LAST play of the game. (Laughs)

Sounds like a fun style! So, what are your plans for 2019?

Winning….That’s it. Providing and winning.

Instagram @therealostarz


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