Joining us for an interview is the exciting young prodigy, Matti Macey.

Hi, how are you?

My name is Matti Macey, and I Live in Vejle in Denmark. I’m a 16-year-old Hip Hop artist. I’ve been producing, songwriting, and sampling music since 2017. My idols is 2 Pac and YG, I think they pretty dope!

Wow, that’s quite impressive for such a young artist. So, how did you get into music?

I make music with my homie, Philip Marlon. Philip is also my producer and manager etc. We always hang out in the city and ask girls out onna date or onna hotel. We be takin’ bitches out and eat like we pros. You know what I’m sayin’ ma ni***?..

How did ‘Kyllingevinger I Juletiden’ come about?

Me and my nigga Philip Marlon was bout to release some new shit so we decided to make a christmas song because it was christmas. Trained out on that track cause we didn’t have enough time to go to the studio…

What were the challenges of making ‘Kyllingevinger I Juletiden’? 

It was pretty easy to get that track done. “Chicken Wings” is a banger, and people all around the world streams the shit outta it. Everybody in my hometown knows me now after this hit! It’s an amazing feeling when people can sing along at the concerts, and that puts me in a trance!

What are your plans for 2019?

Right now I’m about to finish my nine grade in Løsning at Løsning Skole. I’ll be making music and studying at the same time because me and Philip Marlon have a concert at Radar in Aarhus!

In the future, I’ll be making more dope ass tracks and such. We’ve planned to make an Ep at the end of the summer, and I really look forward to it.


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