Hi, how are you?


So, how did you get into music?

This one goes way back to before I even knew I was into music lol. I just really enjoyed listening to spanish hiphop/reggaeton, dancehall reggae and about when I was 11yr old I found a new way of enjoying the music which was changing the lyrics, but using the same flow and beats of songs I really liked. At that age I never considered doing it seriously. 1- I was very shy. 2- It is really not something you do where I’m from. Yes, I had friends who did it as a hobbie and it was fun!! I even did a few gigs with them. After I moved to the US my mindset started evolving and In 2014 I finally decided to pursue music professionally.

How did ‘Fenomenal’ come about?

I can simply think anout this one occasion as I was standing infront of this beautiful girl, even the way the fan was blowing her hair was total perfection! I found myself completely mesmerized. Far from sexual, I just couldn’t help but admire everything about her… Yup, I don’t think i was the only one in awe. In essence that’s what Fenomenal speaks about, the entire song compliments a girl who is the highlight of the night, that one girl that everyone wants to approach and invite to a drink.

What were the challenges of making ‘Fenomenal’?

I didn’t really have challenges when it came to the making of Fenomenal, it was one of those songs that just flowed naturally.

What are your plans for 2019?

I’m working on the release for my next music video, you guessed it! Fenomenal!
I have a list of songs ready to release to the public, music for different moods and occasions. But all in a timely manner since this years strategy is unlike anything I’ve done before, everything will be flowing consistently with no rush. The moto is just doing things differently to see different results.



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