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Interview: Kilo M.O.E

Joining us for an interview to talk about the latest release ‘Rambo’ is the fantastic Kilo M.O.E. 

Hi, how are you? 

I’m great. Healthy and Winning. 

So, how did you get into music? 

I got into music long ago growing up in Germany. My Brother Used to Dj and when I was young like six and seven years old my household was full of equipment and loud music. My brother would make tapes and different mixes and having one of those tapes was everything my world consisted of. In retrospect it seems from day one all I new was hip hop. It was our way. Fresh Sneakers, sweat suit, and a Tape. From there it all evolved into “I need to learn how to write a rhyme”, “I need to learn how to scrstch”, and anything else concerning hip hop. That all stuck with me growing up as we moved around and you meet like minded people. We moved to a small place called Topeka, Ks and that’s where it all got serious for me. That was the blueprint to the guy named Kilo M.O.E. 

How did ‘Rambo’ come about? 

Well Rambo Came about when I received a Track from Atlanta Chinaman Hustle. I met him through a mutual friend on Social media on a favor. Chinaman is a Real Solid Guy. He threw me about 4 or 5 beats and there was one labeled “Rambo”. I stuck with the title and theme because the track was so strong. Them real Trap drums super hard. Being I’m from Up north on the east cost USA I had to hit it from my perspective. Mainly though, The inspiration was First Blood. I just went all the way in on all the fake and phony industry stuff I’ve been seeing in the past couple of years. Everybody wanted to be like Drake the past 3 or 4 years. Chasing these chicks on their hands and knees begging for a girlfriend. It’s fake to me. All of it. So I’m Rambo straight blaze sh**. It was a real simple and clear stance. I’m not with it. We are really about who we say we are. 

What are you working on at the moment? 

I’m literally working on several projects at once.  This is simply because we are getting ready for a massive year 2019. Currently working on a project By Goodfellamuzik out in Phoenix. Known for his production on my God’s and Generalz project. Him and I are about 5 songs deep into a project “No Country for old men”. Then there is a project Jslim the beat maker. It’s still untitled but we are also about 5 songs deep. Both projects most of all the production is done. We are really working on fine tuning some things and going in innovative directions on each. Really reaching for that perfect sound and most importantly the right timing. 2019 will be big. Flat out.

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

The upcoming year is going to be all about dominating every quarter with each of our artists including myself. I will be dropping with Cyco Thah Urchin and that will kick off with “Gotta Get it” the follow up to Rambo. We got Pops Jr. Outta Washington State Dropping whose already Had a Solid Introduction, and Also Hecdakid out of Atlanta. These are just to name a few because once We get Mr. WHO??? in the Lab we also have a whole other Universe in him. Now count that up with Visuals from each two of which visuals are already shot and just waiting on a release date. Quarter after Quarter we aspire to keep content scrolling across news feeds and search engines until O.M.G Entertainment, inc. becomes the face of standardized True Indie music.


Jack F. Williams


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