Joining us for an interview is the wonderful Ignacio Zas.

Hi, how are you?

Hello! I’m doing great and hope everyone reading this having an amazing day!

So, how did you get into music?

I grew up in a family where music was very important. Nobody really played any instruments but we would always talk about music and some record would always be playing in the background.

Since I was very little I was keen on just sitting around for hours on end listening to my parents albums.

What ignited my true passion for music was the movie School Of Rock. Watching that movie changed my life, it elevated music for me, it was something greater than life.

My obsession for many bands and sound soon followed and I was on a path to becoming a musician.

Playing in bands since I was a kid, learning multiple instruments, listening to albums over and over and over again, it all made the decision to pursue music as a career feel pretty natural.

Though my parents were a little shocked when I told them what I wanted to do with my life, they knew what music meant to me, and they were incredibly supportive of my pursuit.

So in 2013 I moved to Los Angeles, California to attend Musicians Institute. You could say I ended up going to the real School Of Rock in a way.

What influences your music?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s driving me a lot of times. I feel like certain experiences have an effect on the music I write, but it doesn’t exactly happen the way you’d expect.

For example, sometimes I’ll feel really happy and optimistic and will write an extremely sad piece of music, and sometimes, I’ll be feeling really sad and write something that sounds cheerful and exciting. I don’t know if it’s my brain trying to tell me something or what is is, but I don’t feel like I can really describe what influences my work.

What are you working on at the moment?

Working as a Producer and Composer at South Music and Sound Design I’m always working on several projects at once. I can’t really say what those projects are but it’s for some very exciting brands, and spots are looking amazing, definitely proud to be a part of them.

I’m also currently working on scoring a trailer for a short film I’ll be doing music for later year this year.

What are your plans for 2019?

Like I touched on in the previous question, I’ll be scoring 2 short films, possibly a feature too and I’m starting work on a new band where I’ll be on songwriting and production duties (and performing live of course).

Balancing that with my work at South will definitely be a challenge but I’m very happy to be busy! 2019 is gearing up to be an amazing year!


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