Joining us for an interview is the wonderful Gliffo.

Hi, how are you?

I feel good and happy at the moment! To release and promote a song is quite new to me. I feel like a puppy which discovers the world.

One morning I got up whistling and had a nice melody in my head – and all of sudden my song is in the Top Ten of the german Amazon charts. This is quite crazy! Even in Italy “Get The Sun In Your Head” was number 51 in the pop new releases…

The whole project has only worked out with the cooperation of my old friend who is a professional musician and music producer. He immediately recognized the potential of my melody. If you want to be successful, you have to work together with an old hand…I also needed a little help to round the lyrics off.
I am truly not an experienced singer so I was told to take some singing lessons which I was not able to do because of my job-related hectic schedule. But of course I had to work hard to prepare myself for the studio recording. I was told to “sing as you wish but just stay true to yourself” This motto also applies to arrangement of my song: I love authenticity and from the very beginning I wanted real instruments in the song such as violin and guitars and it worked out perfectly. And obviously numerous listeners also like it.

So, how did you get into music?

Beginning from my very early childhood I have always been interested in music. In the
primary school I learned how to play music on the tape recorder and years later to play
the saxophone. The music range is as big as my love for music: from Jimi Hendrix to
Nicolo Paganini.
That’s how the Gliffo project emerged: One day I cheerfully woke up in the morning and
got this melody in my mind. The words just popped into my head.

How did „Get The Sun In Your Head“ come about?

One morning, after having quite hard times, I was woken up by the early sun. Our son was still asleep and lying beside me in the bed. The early sun was a reason for a very good mood and all this was the beginning of how the song “Get The Sun In Your Head” was born.
I put on my sports shoes and went for a run along the river . While I was running a melody came into my mind and stayed stuck there… I knew that I need help to make a proper song out of just an idea. I whistled the melody and sent it via Whatsapp to an old friend of mine who is a songwriter, arranger and music producer. He played it on the piano, recorded it and sent it back to me so I could check if it is the melody I had in my mind. We sent it back and forth couple of times until I could finally say “Yes, this is exactly what I have in my mind” . This was also the basis for the lyrics. From the very beginning I liked the melody very much even if I had difficulties to sing it. It was difficult for me due to a lack of singing training. We also had to find a suitable tonality for me. We tried a lot and found this one which suits my voice the best. My producer had to change the complete arrangement at the end… A lot of work went into creating this song but that belongs to professional work. I could learn a lot about how a development of a new song looks like. Now I am happy with the final version and very grateful to my producer and to all musicians who contributed to the creation of this song and its success.

What were the challenges of making “Get The Sun in Your Head”?

Nothing in particular. I was curious about the experience if it is possible to produce a
song without regular vocal coaching and talent while being extremely busy in my job and
life. The biggest challenge was to find compatible recording dates for me and my
producer because our both schedules were totally full. An additional challenge was to
bring back the focus properly on the production among a lot of business calls on
completly different topics.

What are your plans for 2019?

To enjoy life and keep on experiencing new things and of course “get the sun in my head”!


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