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Interview: E-Eye’s

We joined the super-talented E-EYE’S for an interview to talk about music and life.

Hi, how are you?

I’m great! Thanks for asking. 

So, how did you get into music?

I remember seeing Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Prince on TV for the first time. I was amaze, and that’s how I got into music!

You have a lot of talents, how did that come about?

All of my talent came from God. To be honest, I love art! I love anything that has to do with art.

What was it like to be on The X Factor USA?

It was challenging being on/auditioning for the X Factor (USA). At the same time, the show made me more dedicated to work harder at my music career being independent.

What are you looking to do next?

I like to surprise people! For sure is to release good music with outstanding songwriting skills. 

Describe yourself in one word. 


If you could give some advice to aspiring musicians what would it be?

Don’t never give up, Go independent! You don’t need a record deal. it’s 2017! Have a budget and push/market yourself. It’s not easy but make it look easy!



Jack F. Williams


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