Joining us for an interview is the fantastic Django Riders.

Hi, how are you?

We are doing pretty damn just alright.

So, how did you get into music? 

Jay: I’ve been around it my whole life. Everyone in my family had some kind of musical skill and we all loved music, so it was just a natural transition. My parents would show me some of the classics, but also let me find my own way to my musical tastes. I think that had a lot to do with me turning out the way I did. I can go from Sturgill Simpson to Kendrick Lamar and finish with Al Green. I’m all over the place.

Tim: Kind of the same story. I’ve always been around it and my mother was a very talented piano player. I took lessons and just kind of took it from there. Started on the Piano and it helped lay out what I could do on a guitar. Once I figured that out I didn’t go back.

Daniel: A grizzly man came up to me one day when I was young and handed me a bass guitar. He told me to learn all the basics and then to advance my skills or he would come back for me. I’ve been playing ever since.

Josh: It’s just something that has always been around and available to me. I was constantly beating on desks or whatever was around so my parents put a drum set in front of me. I started beating on those. Once they gave me sticks…sounded pretty good.

How did Django Riders come about?

Jay: I was fresh out of another band and I wanted to do something different. I ran into Josh in a clothing store in Gallatin, TN and he said he had the itch to get a project going. So Django Riders started in the children’s clothing section of Factory Connection. Jay’s dad was a guitar player he came down and started piddling around with us and before you knew it we were looking for a bass player. Daniel was the latest member to join, but honestly once he came into the picture we kind of found a road to go down and didn’t stop.

What were the challenges of making Django Riders?

Honestly just finding the right set of musicians that were dedicated enough. It can be rough being a band in a pool of a thousand other great bands in Nashville. ESPECIALLY if you’re an original band. Playing cover tunes at bars for money is fun every now and again, but it’s just not what we are looking for. Creating is our favourite thing to do and we have a group of guys who aren’t only dedicated to that, but are open to the challenge

What are your plans for 2019?

We are FINALLY set to release our EP called “Friction”. We spent almost a full year with our producer Kevin Edlin recording this 4 song EP. We all have other gigs so finding the right times to sync up for overdubs and recordings and extra instruments was a challenge. Kevin was a trooper and he got us through the process and he mixed a pretty kick ass EP in the process. Jim DeMain mastered the EP for us and we are just putting everything in order for the release. We had some really great musicians join us on it. Rashaad Greene did the percussion. Keelie Walker and Curtis Holland Jr did the backing vocals and we honestly just don’t think the album would be the same without them. Also have some podcasts we will be appearing on as well as trying to do a small festival circuit. We are also going to attempt to give Dan his first of many circumcisions. You can keep up with all of our updates at

  • @TheDjangoRiders – Instagram