Joining us for an interview are the fantastic Dirty Sound Magnet.

Hi, how are you?

Hi there, we are fine but incredibly exhausted after this crazy year where we played about 100 shows all over Europe and recorded a new album.

So, how did you get into music?

My parents noticed very early that I was very sensitive to music in general. I grew up listening to music all the time. At 15, I picked up a guitar and decided this was what I wanted to do with my life.
I met Marco and Maxime about 10 years ago. Ever since, we spend most of our time together. We learned everything together listening to a lot of music and rehearsing almost every day. Things just happened because we were so passionate.

How did ‘Social Media Boy’ come about?

When Western Lies (our first album) was released, I started writing new music. I came into the rehearsal room with a song that seemed normal to me but we understood quite fast that there were way to many ideas in that song. So we started cutting it into different parts and got five songs out of it. One of them is Social Media Boy.
The rest of the songs will be featured on the new album.

What were the challenges of making ‘Social Media Boy’?

We had the basic frame for the song and the lyrics but the rest happened in the studio. We spent about a week recording the song and got very creative. I decided not to use guitar amps and plugged in directly into the mixing desk to create these layers of guitar. We also recorded a theremin and a Balfon that contribute to the soundscape of the song.

Each time we enter the studio, there is a real challenge because we don’t know what’s going to happen. Songs are written on an acoustic guitar. They are then arranged for a basic rock setup (bass, drums, electric guitar). In the studio, they can go anywhere. We have no limits when it comes to production. The whole challenge is to create something different with simple elements.

What are your goals for 2019?

2019 will see the release of several singles and a new album in fall so it will be a very eventful year. 2018 was crazy already so we know 2019 will be something special.
We know already that we will be touring a lot. The goal is quite simple: we want to make people happy with our music. We are happy anyway when we are given the chance to record and play live. Looking forward to 2019.
Dirty Magnety kisses to all your readers.


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