Joining us for an interview are the fantastic BANDIT.

Hi, how are you?

We are great thank you! We’re very excited about the release of our new song and music video “Dangerous”, which we put our hearts and souls into.

So, how did you get into music?

We both experienced a lot of sadness and difficult times growing up, especially in our teenage years. One day we each came across K-Pop music, and the bright visuals and upbeat sound lifted our spirits, and motivated us to want to do the same for others. We ended up finding each other through the internet and discovered that we both had the same passion, so we came together to form BANDIT and have been making music ever since.

How did ‘Dangerous’ come about?

Sometimes we can both be a bit timid in love, but we wanted to write a song about finding that someone that’s dangerous to our timidity and in turn brings out the dangerous side in us. The song is more about the guy being dangerous for us, so for the video we wanted to flip that and represent us being the dangerous ones.

What were the challenges of making ‘Dangerous’?

Normally our song writing process begins individually then we come together to fill in any blanks and smooth out any awkward pieces. Dangerous is the first song that we wrote fully in the studio, completely collaboratively, which was a challenge as it was something really new, but also really exciting. The video as well had its own set of challenges, as the first day of the shoot it was pouring rain, we lost 4 hours of daylight, and when the rain did stop everything was slippery, and the humidity really took a toll on all the hair and makeup. But in the end the whole cast and crew were troopers and pulled through to make something really amazing.

What are your hopes for 2019?

Our biggest aspiration has always been to do a tour, to be able to perform and spread out music to more people. That would really be a dream come true if we could achieve that in 2019. Otherwise, we want to show more of our personalities through our music, and be able to connect to people in more ways, because music to us is all about connecting and uplifting people.


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