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Interview: Ajaye Jardine

Joining us for an interview is the fantastic Ajaye Jardine to talk with us about her latest release ‘Fill it up again.’

Hi, how are you?

Hi! I’m fantastic, thank you for asking! How are you?

I’m great! So, how did you get into music?

To be completely honest, music found me. I started with piano lessons at a young age, but I had very little patience with sitting for hours repeating scales and classical pieces from hundreds of years prior to my millennial existence, so I shortly after turned to sports. My early adolescence was devoted to softball and although it developed a number of rad attributes I am grateful for today (teamwork, hard work, commitment, etc.), the majority of my time was spent on the ball field. However, music was still present in the back of my mind, and I was involved in everything music-related that my schedule would allow. Funny enough, a final exam in Choir that involved me dressed as Princess Jasmine for a duet of “A Whole New World” set my path on a trajectory to where I am today. Since that day, I have been in a band with my mom, completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Performance, appeared in various talent opportunities and showcases in the western Canadian region, worked through many roadblocks (both professional and personal), jumped down to Nashville, and have experienced the true magic of seeing the life I’ve always envisioned unfold on the daily. I’d say it’s safe to say that I was always meant to be in music, however it took years of learning who I am, believing in myself and trusting that I have the power to create the life and legacy I want to share with the world.

What were the challenges of making “Fill it up Again”?

I think the biggest challenge was taking the cliché “seeing the glass half full” and give a new life and voice to the saying. From collaborating with Craig in the writing room, to working with my producer Sheldon Zaharko and the incredible team of musicians at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver Canada (and with CreativeBC), we were able to create a really good vibe both lyrically and in the studio that is authentically me.

What inspires you to make more music?

As an artist, I’m truly inspired by life itself. I’m constantly growing, changing and evolving into a stronger version of myself each and every day. The most exciting part of music is that it will change as I change, and as long as I live authentic and true to who I am, I will always have something to say.

What are your plans for 2019?

I’m very excited for 2019. I’ll be songwriting for my next project, travelling around North America performing, and enjoying life each and every day! There are more plans in the works, and everything will be shared on my social platforms, so stay tuned!


Jack F. Williams


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