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Chelji is the name to watch

Chelji (real name Chelsea Dann) is a 19 year old singer/rapper from Birmingham in the UK. 

She has been making music for only 5 months but has already made quite an impact in the underground UK music scene. Amy Winehouse is her main influence and inspiration.

 Her unique style & heartfelt catchy tracks have already earned her a decent following on social media and she has been contacted by 2 major record labels & one large independent label already. They are keen to track her progress in the music industry and after listening to some of her audio tracks on SoundCloud I can see why they are interested in the young star in the making. She has a nice blend of singing/rapping and has shades of Lana Del Ray & Amy Winehouse coming through in her songs.

Chelji was born in Birmingham. Her parents separated at a young age and Chelji opted to live with her father who due to work commitments moved around the UK quite a bit during her childhood and she has lived in Birmingham, Southampton, London, Wales and now currently resides in Scotland. Chelji has been very open about the abuse both mental & physical she received at the hands of ex-partners she was with in her youth. She released a very deep & emotional track about the issue named “lay me down” and it has been received very well on social media. She considers herself to be an open book and is very vocal and honest about her experience of abuse & how it contributed to her mental health issues such as anxiety & depression. She hopes through her music she can help others who have suffered the same problems in life. She feels music is an outlet which keeps her occupied and helps her cope with the stresses of her past and day to day life. Chelji does not consume or drugs and wants to be a positive role model for her young fans which is rare in the modern music industry as drugs & alcohol use tend to be promoted rather than discouraged so you need to respect the young artist in taking this stance.

Chelji was also a keen online gamer before but recently she has been focusing 100 percent on her music as she feels she has a great opportunity to expand her brand name & become a success. She currently has a Manager/Producer based in the USA known as “Samba Beatz” He has worked with Busta Rhymes in the past and is helping Chelji a great deal as they formed a strong bond and work well together. They have collaborated on several tracks which you can check on Chelji’s soundcloud page. She plans to tour this year at some point either in the UK or USA and is currently working on her debut mixtape & debut music video which her fanbase on social media are very keen to hear. She plans to move back down south to Manchester then eventually London to help her pursue her music career. Chelji is going to be star one day and is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on in the near future. 

You can follow Chelji on the following links

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/officialchelji 
TWITTER – https://www.twitter.com/officialchelji 
SOUNDCLOUD – https://soundcloud.com/chelji 

Jack F. Williams


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