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Review: Spazzy Cardigan ‘I’

Latest album ‘I’ by Spazzy Cardigan is one for the playlists for sure.With a total of twelve great songs, and range that will make your...

Review: Valentino Mitaj ‘Beautiful People’

Latest single ‘Beautiful People’ by the terrific Valentino Mitaj is truly wonderful.Featuring fantastic vocals and driven by a summery beat this song will take you on...

Review: Henwall ‘Deep Blue’

Latest electronic track ‘Deep Blue’ by Henwall is truly wonderful.Driven by a vibrant, progressive deep house beat ‘Deep Blue is the song for the nightclubs. Other...

Review: Chand K Nova ‘Uncuffed’

Latest EP ‘Uncuffed’ by the fantastic Chand K Nova is truly great.The EP features five terrific songs, that take you on a journey beyond many...

Review: Russell Lee ‘Meant to Be’

Latest single ‘Meant to Be’ by the wonderful Russell Lee is truly great.Driven by great structure and lovely vocals, the song takes you on...

Review: YR Da GoldMine ‘WESTBROOK’

Latest single ‘Westbrook’ by the wonderfully innovative YR Da GoldMine is truly mind-blowing.With raw vocals, and tenacious production once again we hear phenomenal music from...

Review: Dynamos ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’

Latest single  ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ by Dynamos is truly fantastic.The single is driven by fantastic structure and terrific vocals. ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ takes...

Review: Amy Patrice ‘Do What You Do’

Latest single ‘What Do You Do’ by Amy Patrice is truly wonderful.Featuring strong piano melodies and a lovely structure the song powers through in...

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