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Review: Ryan KP ‘The Awakening/Fading Minds’

Latest two-track EP 'The Awakening/Fading Minds' by the amazing Ryan KP is truly ear-tuneful. In the latest EP ,'The Awakening/Fading Minds', the talented Ryan KP...

Review: Ahmen ‘The Eleven EP’

Latest release 'The Eleven EP' by the wonderful Ahmen is truly ear-pleasing. In the latest EP, 'The Eleven EP,' the highly-gifted and exciting Ahmen showcases...

Review: CHASE ‘The Currency Of Love’

Latest album 'The Currency Of Love' by the highly-exciting CHASE is truly ear-pleasing. In the latest album, 'The Currency Of Love,' the wonderfully-gifted hip-hop artist...

Review: Daud Aur Yahudy ‘Home Bound EP’

Latest EP 'Home Bound EP' by the rather talented and exciting Daud Aur Yahudy is a true six-track wonder. In the latest and yet most exciting...

Review: FZY ‘The Bunny and the Cub’

Latest album 'The Bunny and the Cub' by the highly-gifted FZY is truly ear-pleasing. In the latest release, 'The Bunny and the Cub,' the exciting...

Review: Quintin Tarintinto ‘No Self Pity’

Latest project 'No Self Pity' by the exciting Quintin Tarintinto is truly ear-pleasing. In the latest release 'No Self Pity' by the highly-gifted Quintin Tarintinto showcases to us just...

Review: The Surgery ‘Twin Peaks’

Latest song 'Twin Peaks' by the wonderful band known as The Surgery is one for the playlists. In their latest release, 'Twin Peaks,', (not the...

Review: idkanymore ‘Consequences’ feat. Austin Hull

Latest song 'Consequences' by the amazing idkanymore is truly tuneful. In the latest track 'Consequences' featuring Austin Hull, the highly-talented idkanymore showcases to us just...

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