With another track set to release this month, Brad Charles Anthony or otherwise known as Bcaizm; is yet again showing off his creativity and versatility within the EDM space.

Having released three tracks this year already titled Boy I Like, Keep Me High and House Music; Bcaizm keeps his foot on the gas with his fourth single release set to drop this month.

“This one’s a little different’” says Brad Charles Anthony, who’s tracks are featured on over 100 playlist globally. When asked about his new release Keep Your Heart, Brad says “It’s more pop-ish than my other tracks and has soulful elements.” “I wanted to do something different this time and switch it up a bit. I like to try new things, as it allows me to keep it fresh and evolve more and more each time.” There is no question Bcaizm is evolving in the industry. With his other three tracks this year reaching global recognition, I’m sure we can expect much of the same with his new release Keep Your Heart.

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