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Joss Stone ‘deported from Iran’ on last stop of world tour

She says the authorities did not believe she would not be performing a solo public concert.

Halle Bailey: Disney announces singer to play Little Mermaid

Disney reveals its newest princess in a live-action remake of the 1990 animated film.

Netflix to cut back on showing smoking in its original shows

It's after a report found smoking is being shown more on Netflix than on popular shows on US TV.

Joss Stone says she has been detained and deported from Iran

Singer says authorities did not believe she would not be playing a public showThe singer Joss Stone has said she has been deported from...

Lizzo fan launches petition campaign for The Little Mermaid dream role

Jacob Tremblay and Crazy Rich Asians'' Awkwafina are also reportedly in negotiations to voice tropical fish Flounder and seagull Scuttle, respectively.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas share stunning pictures from French wedding

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas first wed in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas back in May.

Toto’s Bobby Kimball Allegedly Touched Child with Cane, Threatened Cop

Toto frontman Bobby Kimball had an intense showdown with cops at the airport after allegedly touching a child's butt with his cane while in...

Kim Kardashian-West: Misguided USA ordered to pay $2.7m in damages

The reality star says the company is "notorious" for "knocking off" designer items she wears.

Halle Bailey cast as The Little Mermaid’s Ariel

Halle Bailey has been cast as Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action reimagining of The Little Mermaid.